Commercial Fence Services

Your business provides valuable products and services to the community. Define the presence of your vital structures with the help of Classic Fence. We coordinate and execute commercial fence services for business owners throughout Oswego, IL, as well as its surrounding areas. When you hire us for new fencing solutions, you make a smart investment towards enhancing the look, prestige, and value of your properties.

Commercial Fencing Augments the Value of Your Holdings

Security, improved aesthetic appeal, and higher property values are yours when you invest in new, commercial fencing. Whether you sell goods or facilitate services, fencing is a great way to define your property and establish a presence in your service area. Whether you need to improve your security efforts or simply want to establish a distinct ambience, fencing can complete your look and expand the functionality of your property.

Protect Your Assets with Perimeter Security Fences

Controlling accessibility to your facilities is not only a means to keep intruders at bay. It is also a safety precaution that helps limit your liability. Ensure only authorized personnel are on your property with perimeter security fences. These structures are specially designed to define the boundaries of your property, and they can also control access to specific areas. From chain link configurations to truly private partitions, perimeter fences are a smart choice for the cautious property manager.

Our perimeter fence installation services include:

  • Aluminized and Galvanized Chain Link
  • Small Mesh
  • Protective Barbed Wire
  • Durable Tension Wire
  • PDS Slats

Barrier Fences Promote Safety

Your property is a busy place. Therefore, it is always a wise decision to identify and highlight areas at your facilities which require care and attention from both personnel and visitors alike. Barrier fences are a powerful asset in upholding order and organization on your grounds. Barriers can cut off access to machinery or confidential areas, and they can also serve as a guard against unauthorized access. We are available to design and place customizable barrier systems that accommodate the unique characteristics of your work. In addition to our perimeter components, fences can also accommodate:

  • Windscreens
  • Guardrails
  • Bumper Posts
  • Dumpster Enclosures

Control Accessibility with Engineered Gates

Enhance the security of your property with engineered gates. Created from heavy-duty metal, these gates are designed to withstand intrusion and vandalism attempts. Automatic and key-access systems, as well as gate operators, can also be attached to these components so that only people and personnel you trust can provide access to protected doors and walkways. Our team can create systems that work with your new or existing fencing. We design and install cantilever and engineered gates.

Rapid Commercial Fence Repairs Available

Your fence system is often the only line of defense against vandals and intruders. Therefore, when you see something wrong with your installation, you can have confidence knowing that we are here to make things right again. Our commercial fence repairs are responsive and reliable.

The Proven Fence Installation Company

When it comes to commercial fence services, you can count on our contractors to complete your project on-time and within your budget. By utilizing highly trained and qualified technicians, strong materials, and a dependable attention to detail, our team delivers long-lasting results.

On top of that, our services are highly customizable. We act as both designers and installers, so you gain access to a wealth of resources to create the fencing solutions you need. Whether you require the no-nonsense presence of metal or wish to impart a welcoming atmosphere with decorative wood fencing, we accommodate your preferences. Our wide-ranging installation services also include:

  • Custom Wood Fencing
  • Pool Fences
  • Split Rail, Round Rail, Ranch Rail, Field Fence
  • Dog Fences
  • Chain Link Fence
  • Guard Rails
  • Bollards and Bumper Posts
  • Barrier Gates
  • Temporary Fencing
  • Aluminum Fence
  • Steel Fence
  • Ornamental Iron Fence
  • Vinyl and PVC Fence
  • Backstops

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