Vinyl/PVC Fencing

In recent years you may have noticed more and more homes are adopting vinyl fencing throughout your neighborhoods and for good reason. Vinyl is extremely popular because of its durability and extremely low maintenance when compared to other fencing options and materials. At Classic Fence Inc. our contractors help homeowners throughout the area design andinstall vinyl fences that they can count on to give their home the beautiful update and improvement they’re looking for.

The Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

For years Classic Fence Inc. has been helping homeowners find the right vinyl fence for their home. There are multiple benefits that make vinyl such a popular choice for homes including:

  • Adds value to a residence
  • More durable than other materials, extremely resistant
  • Cannot be infested with termites, split or break like wood

While vinyl can be a little more expensive than other options the expert contractors at Classic Fence Inc. make sure that you get all of your money’s worth out of your fence. We use the latest materials and tools available to install quality, long-lasting vinyl fences wherever you need them such as:

  • Home borders
  • Garden area
  • Front yard

We will also lend tips on how to properly maintain vinyl fencing over the following years so that you can be sure that your fencing will look good even as the years go by and even offer a 30-year warranty on vinyl fencing!

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