Residential Fence Services

Enhance the value and attractiveness of your home with Classic Fence, your source for residential fence services in your area. Beautify your grounds and leave a lasting impression on neighbors and passersby. We make it easier to construct additional privacy and aesthetic solutions to your home.

The Advantage of a Residential Fence

Fences are a sound investment for the residential property owner. As a multifaceted fixture, the fence serves to promote aesthetic appeal, privacy, and a sense of ownership. In many cases, installing a new fence serves to optimize property values. For pet owners, it is a great way to keep their beloved animals within preset boundaries while still encouraging physical activity. All in all, investing in a fence is a versatile approach to conducting a home improvement project.

Since residential fences come in many different configurations and may serve specialized purposes, you deserve to work with a fencing contractor that can easily turn your project goals into a reality. Our company is proud to design and install metal and custom wood fences for residential clients. We listen to your construction goals to fashion fence systems that accommodate your budget.

Custom Wood Fences Set the Scene

Accentuate your lawn and garden with custom wood fences. Crafted from cedar wood, these fixtures provide both privacy and a breathtaking sense of space to your outdoor areas. Establish a quant appearance with picket fences, enhance privacy with high planks, or define meditative areas with pergolas and arbors. Your design possibilities are nearly limitless when you work with us. Simply tell us your design preferences, and we will take care of the rest. Popular residential materials include Aluminum, Cedar Wood, Chain Link, PVC and Vinyl.

From Pools to Pets, Fences Serve Your Needs

Own a pool and want to host private parties? Do your active pets need a place to exercise? Establish the space with residential fences. Pool fences, for example, may be used to partition out outdoor areas meant for sunbathing and socializing. The privacy of a fence allows you to host parties easier, as well as discourage the appearance of unwelcome guests.

Likewise, pet fences can keep your furry friend in the spaces where they should be. A popular configuration includes chain link, which establishes an easy-to-see perimeter. Our team can also design holding pens in your installation for easier access and monitoring of your animals.

Of course, fences also empower property owners to define their homes. To that end, our company is available to erect ornamental fences. Available in wood and metal, these fixtures are sure to highlight your home and make it more attractive to neighbors and potential buyers alike.

The Proven Residential Fencing Company

Choose a fencing contractor with a proven track record of success. The majority of our new contracts derive from customer referrals. That’s right--most of our business comes from good word-of-mouth. By using high-quality materials, facilitating different customization options, and backing services with continued support, our comprehensive approach to service ensures stunning and long-lasting results.

Due to our work ethic and dedication, we have earned our reputation as one of the most respected and competitive fence companies in the area. Our capabilities include custom woodwork, and also the installation of low-maintenance options. Below are some examples of the products and services we can offer:

  • Residential Chain Link
  • Custom-Built Wood Fences
  • Split Rail, Round Rail, Ranch Rail, Field Fence
  • Pool Fences
  • Dog Fences
  • Aluminum Fences
  • Vinyl and PVC Fences
  • Guard Rails
  • Bollards and Bumper Posts
  • Repairs
  • Barrier Gates
  • Gate Operators
  • Temporary Fencing
  • Aluminum Fence
  • Steel Fence
  • Vinyl and PVC Fence

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